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Secret Practice

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Secret Practice

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:36 pm

Christian was under the mislead impression that the rule about no students going outside didn't apply to him, just the rest of the school. In the last six years of spending many days alone the teen had found a few helpful secrets that helped his get around this rule he found ridiculous. If the vampire was in the school what good did keeping them all inside with it do? The plus to this rule was he could now go outside without having to worry about others bothering him there. Today he wanted to go fly around the pitch like he had last week but he had gotten lonely all the way out there. So he decided this time he would bring someone with him and his first thoughts was his quidditch loving cousin.

"Come on Quinn." He said turning around to be sure the boy was following him to the entrance to the secret outside passage. Some people looked at the weird for carrying brooms through the corridors but he didn't care. They finally reached the portrait and Christian opened it like always, "Hurry." He said ushering the blue haired boy into the small hidden corridor before anyone saw them. "You sure you wanna do this, you don't have to you know? If we get caught not only will we be in big trouble but under speculation as vampires." He said making sure his cousin wasn't just being pressured into coming.


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