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Career Days: Shophands

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Career Days: Shophands

Post by Professor Lemiux on Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:54 pm

Professor Lemiux looked around cheerfully at the large number of students who had gathered in the spacious Grand Hall. It was another Career Day, but this job she knew some students didn't completely understand. However she had foreseen that Fiona would be a hit with them and would do great. She was confident Fiona's humor and way with words would shine through. Fiona might not have been the most academic rule-follower, but she was enthusiastic and could think outside the box. That was something Professor Lemiux had always thought was important in a student and caused her to like Fiona.

Professor Lemiux cleared her throat. "Attention!" She was glad students were excited, but she needed them to quiet down for Fiona to begin. "Thank you," she continued once the talking died down, smiling at the crowd.

"Today I'd like to introduce to you Ms. Fiona Miller, who is a shophand. She works in stores and plays a vital role in customer satisfaction, helping consumers obtain the best product possible."

She paused before continuing. "Fiona graduated from Beauxbatons five years ago. She was in Montagnard, a prefect, a Chaser, and the leader of the Students Exploring Beauxbatons Club." She turned, gesturing to Fiona. "Now I present to you, Ms. Miller."

She gave an encouraging smile to her before retreating to the back of the audience to watch the presentation.

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Re: Career Days: Shophands

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:33 am

Fiona amused at how much Professor Lemiux talked her up. She sounded virtuous during her seven years at Beauxbatons. Prefectship. Leadership. Chasing a quaffle. The good professor sure did know how to leave out the important stuff. Stuff which Fiona was sure at least two of the students in this room knew about by virtue of being related to her.

She grinned at the students as she stepped forward. "And not a very good chaser at that," she said as her first words of greeting. "But enough of my life at your age. You're here to hear how wonderful it is to serve the customer right? Hmm. Well now what can I say about shop assistantship which you don't know. Never let off a firecracker as a joke. Never let out the snitches and test the customers to catch them. Never under any circumstances let an elderly witch bring her cat into a potion shop. Especially if that cat is deranged. These are a few lessons which I learnt during my time of moving from shop to shop. Five years out of Beauxbatons and five shops. Lots of experience serving different types of customers."

The shophand whipped out her wand. "Today I'm doing something different. Everyone stand. We're going to play a game I like to call the biggest baddest customer in the world." The idea had not been planned at all but popped into her head at the last minute. Who wanted to sit around all day listening to an adult telling them why their career path was the best?


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