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Dog Days Are Over

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Dog Days Are Over

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:43 pm

Being an adult wasn't as hard as Caleb thought it would be. He was still his regular self, he still acted the same. Same old Caleb. He had worried about life after school but now he only worried about having enough time to hang out with his best friend. Busy schedules always made it hard to make time for each other. They did live together but since they were both working during the day, they weren't up for doing anything after work. Working was so tiring.

Finally, they were both off and Caleb wanted to do something fun on their day off. Sp, he invited Quinn to the small diner close to their home. He was so excited to just sit and talk with his best bud. "So, how's work?" Caleb asked after taking a sip from his hot chochocolate. A booth by a window made for a great place to sit.


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Re: Dog Days Are Over

Post by Quentin D'Angelo on Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:55 pm

Graduating hadn't changed Quentin much. He didn't feel like an adult anymore than he did before and though he wasn't completely reckless and irresponsible, he still had issues keeping track of everything. For one thing, trying to make good meals for himself. He could hardly cook and after two weeks straight of sandwiches for nearly every meal, he was only too happy to accept Caleb's offer to go out to eat.

He ordered a large plate of eggs, sunny side up with bacon, hash browns, and toast and busied himself with consuming it that it wasn't until Caleb spoke up that he answered. Swallowing a large chunk of egg-covered toast, Quentin replied, "Not too bad. Some of the kids are pretty cute." Upon graduation, Quentin realized there wasn't much that he was actually good at. He spent all his life goofing around. The only responsible thing he had ever done was look after Odie and after losing faith in her, he decided maybe it was time to step back and let her be an adult. He still wanted to be a big brother, though, so the daycare was the perfect option of work. He got to be the big brother of dozens of different kids each day and though sometimes they tried his patience, he found it to be the best suited job for him.

"One of the kids swallowed a watermelon seed during snack time and thought a watermelon was going to grow inside of him!" Quentin relayed, chuckling a bit. He took a swig of his orange juice and rested the cool glass back onto the table. "How about your job? I hardly get to see you much because our schedules conflict so," Quentin noted. It helped that he had Juneau around to make the house less quiet when Caleb was gone.


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