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The Rules of Etiquette

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The Rules of Etiquette

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:44 pm

Dear reader,

How are you? I trust you are well and looking forward to graduation as I am whilst I write this letter. My time at Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic has been a wonderful time of learning both in the classroom and outside. I have acquired much knowledge and look forward to putting what I have learnt to good use.

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learnt is not academic in nature but rather personal. It does not matter how far and wide you are scattered from your family, they are and always will be family. I foolishly held so much bitterness in my heart for what I saw as a betrayal when my sister left for America to pursue her dream. However, I am able to now see clearly that it for her a far better life than the one she had here in France.

The things I will miss most about the Academy of Magic are the clubs in which I was a part of and the Quidditch team. Never did I dream that I would take up a sport in which I hit iron balls at other players. Friends I will not miss because if they are graduated with me I will still be able to see them will I not?

Once I dreamed I was a missing princess and lived that dream world. Now it is time to grow up and live my life in my true identity; A soon to be former member of the House of Cersier at Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic and a witch who will do well in whichever career she discovers.

Farewell dear reader.

Miss Christine Henrau


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