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Post by Minister Viridian on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:03 pm

In addition to having regular threads in this location, the staff and I have also decided to open this forum up to adults to post in. Now, adults and students will be able to exchange letters back and forth. These aren't really rules, more like things to keep in mind.

  • Your adult is not allowed on Beauxbatons grounds. Period. Just because they can post here does not mean they are here. You must follow that rule in order to post here. Remember: this is for sending letters to your adult's younger sibling, child, or younger friends. Or maybe your adult would send a letter to a student who doesn't receive mail. But do not say that your adult is on the Grounds. I will remove the thread and you will receive a warning.

  • Adults are allowed to start threads here and write oneshots here.

  • Just like in the Farewell Fire, signatures are allowed to be added into posts. The only requirement is that they do not stretch the board. See this thread for an example of these types of signatures.

  • Also, as a reminder, student-adult relationships are not allowed. Now, sometimes, a student will graduate and their partner is still in school. That is the exception. It has to be pre-existing for us to let it slide. Please don't use this as a way for an adult to establish a romantic relationship with a student. You will receive a warning and the thread will be removed.

  • Obviously, don't use this as a way to break other rules, either. Adults, you know where to find your rules and students, yours are here, if you need a reminder. If you break your respective rules, you will receive a warning.

  • The staff and I are not anticipating any issues with this, but if there are issues, we can and will take away the right for adults to post here.
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