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Post by Hanna Thorsdóttir on Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:48 pm

Hanna had quite taken to using the abandoned classroom for "Alone Time", it just had that feeling to it, the feeling of being alone, but not lonely. She had taken to it such as to dust all of the surfaces, and, because her tape was only half finished, organize the shelves to her satisfaction, and, after flipping the tape to the second side, fix some of the furniture to help practice "Reparo", which she had only learned a few days ago. Even with music coming through her headphones, she couldn't help help but dream of teaching her own class here someday, something fun, like Muggle History, or Physics & Aerial Studies. Perhaps she would invite someone up to help her at some point, or maybe she would just keep this little world all to herself, where she can stash her books away and catch a break between classes. That was it! She would turn the old place into a lounge for the quieter types to catch some breath in between classes, the only sticking point was inviting people to join her, but like all problems, it could be fixed one step at a time.
Hanna Thorsdóttir
Hanna Thorsdóttir

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