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Term 22 Announcements

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Term 22 Announcements Empty Term 22 Announcements

Post by Minister Viridian on Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:36 pm

Hello, everyone! I have some quick announcements to share with all of you.

1.) There will be Quidditch try-outs, but no games this term. We recognize the fact that the Quidditch system we have is broken, so this term, we will be focusing on how to fix it. Your character, if on the team, though, should keep in mind that they did play. We've decided that Casavant won the Quidditch Cup, winning their last two games.

2.) There is a new shop in Village du Cheval! Pranktopia is owned and operated by Apollo Kronidis, so make sure you guys check it out and be supportive! This is the first time we've allowed a shop to be built in a student area, so if all goes well, your student will also have this opportunity when they reach adulthood!

3.) The Character of the Month is Aidan De Gaule! His thread will be open as soon as possible.

4.)Your new prefects are Carlie Jackson, Jonas Bell, and Katherine Hayle. Isobel Green is the new Head Girl.

5.) We reintroduced the Cbox! All of the site rules still apply. You can talk in-character or out-of-character. It's up to you! Personal conversations or plotting should not be made in the Cbox, however. Please use your best judgement and know that you can always use the PM system.

6.) Registration is going to just remain open as long as we are not getting spam registrations.

7.) Speaking of registration, we desperately need new users. Did you guys know we have a Facebook page? You can like that from a character Facebook or your personal account. It gives us new views if you guys like it and visibility is good. Also, if you have any other writing friends, tell them about us! We welcome everyone! We'll even affiliate with other sites, if they're interested!

8.) I also forgot to introduce you guys to our new ministers, Minister Wishbone and Minister Zaofu. Minister Wishbone is a new admin. If you have any questions about the functions of the site, Minister Wishbone is a great resource. Minister Zaofu is our first ever moderator, who will be working up to admin status. If you need a thread moved or deleted or have any questions relating to rules, Minister Zaofu is around to help. Minister Wishbone and I also can do that, but if you guys could direct that kind of stuff to Zaofu, that would be great!

That being said, I am going to be taking a little hiatus starting in December. I will not have access to a computer, as far as I know. I will be back  full-time in mid-February. I have my full trust in Wishbone, Zaofu, and Sherlock. They will all be able to help you and the site should be fine. Take their decisions very seriously because they know what's best, too.

That's all for now! Happy Posting!

-Minister Viridian
Minister Viridian
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