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Term 20 Announcements Empty Term 20 Announcements

Post by Minister Viridian on Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:44 pm


Many of you have probably noticed that "REGISTRATION IS OPEN!" has still been scrolling across the top of the screen, three weeks into the term. That is because it's still open. Minister Sherlock and I decided to leave it open this term. We have decided that we will do promotions on October 2nd, 2015. We will then decide at that point if we want to leave registration open for a week or continuously leave it open.

Now I said in our reopening announcement that post count didn't matter at the moment. You guys have really surprised me. I wasn't expecting as many posts as we've had. I wanted to show you the stats for the past two months compared to what we had before, so here we go:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

We aren't surpassing our highest stats just yet, but we have for the past few months before the break we took. I guess a break was exactly what we needed.

Basically, if you are the handler of a new student and they have are sorted, I will promote them. If you are a returning student, aim for at least five posts so I know you're active. And as usual, adults need at least one post.

Anyway, I want to award some house points. I asked for help from the other ministers and the Prefects to help me find some people worthy of points, so this is what we came up with. Obviously, there will be more awarded points for Quidditch and I might do exam threads again, I just haven't decided.

- 5 to Autumn Armstrong in Cerisier for her touching letter in the Farewell Fire.
- 5 to Ursula Valdez (Feu), Stephanie Vargas (Cerisier), and Aidan De Gaule for attending DADA class.
- 5 to Ursula Valdez (Feu), Stephanie Vargas (Cerisier), Andrea Ritter (Cerisier), Hassan Owens (Feu) and Myles Moore (Feu) for simply being really cool first years.
- 5 points to Gregory Bell (Feu) and Kayla Miller (Nuage) for their date thread in Cheval.
- 5 points to Kayla Miller (Nuage) and Aidan De Gaule (Cerisier) for their thread in the Melodic Studies Room.
- 5 points to Katherine Hayle (Cerisier) and Jonas Bell for their creative picnic in the park in Village du Cheval
- 5 points to Andrea Ritter (Cerisier) for her excellent announcing in the Round I Quidditch match
- 5 points to Carlie Jackson (Feu) for a very creative Quidditch tryout.
- 5 points to Apollo Kronidis (Nuage) for surprising us all on the Quidditch Pitch.
- 5 points to Isobel Green for her talent in Divination.
- 5 points to Garnet Palmer and Theodore Thomas (both Montagnard) for continuing a family legacy by being sorted into the house of their family members.

Also, if you aren't part of our Facebook group, please join. Just make a Facebook for your character, like Charm and Grace's page, then friend the familiar faces. For example, Autumn Armstrong, Linette Puchard, Caleb Miller, Kayla Miller, etc. They can all add you to the group we have where you can advertise threads and chat or whatever you want, really.

I would really encourage liking the page. I make a lot of announcements on it that I don't post here, which can be really helpful.

So there you have it! Happy posting!

-Minister Viridian
Minister Viridian
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