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Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight

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Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight Empty Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight

Post by Osmund Hollow on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:08 pm

The news of his father's passing had been unexpected, as Oz knew well that his father was not yet a well-aged man. However, both father and son seemingly shared a knack for getting into things that were not wise for one's being. He knew well his father indulged in much, mostly pertaining towards sexual pleasure. He had discovered his father's nasty secret of being involved with the Fee and Osmund could only bet his father's demise was very much attributed by that fact.

The man put on a black suit and tie and showed to the occasion regardless of his own personal disgust for the dead man. He wasn't entirely sure why he had shown up, knowing that if the tables had been turned, his father wouldn't have done the same. He noticed his mother was not there. She had been wise. His grandmother was, tears strewn down her cheeks. She had lost her second husband the previous winter. It must be hard for her to lose her son now as well. His Aunt Marie and Uncle Owen were there, along with their children. Jack and Jamie linked at the arms as they bowed their pale faces and Fane, with a scruffy tired looking face had taken the time to show up. Osmund made a mental note to speak to his cousin at some point. He hardly ever saw him since his baby was born.

The casket was open and his father rested with closed eyes and folded arms. Osmund scowled as he approached and bowed his head. This was the point where one was to pray for the departed soul to find it's way to heaven, but Osmund didn't think the man deserved to rest with the angels for eternity. If he had it his way, he'd burn in Hell, if there even was such a thing as Heaven and Hell. Losing Pellinore had been harder than this. This just irritated Osmund. How dare his father up and die like he had?

"Sick bastard," Osmund spat at the dead man. He had him to thank for all the angers that brewed in his chest, the fires first kindled years ago. He would not cry for the man who showed him no affection, who showed no sympathy when Oz claimed he wanted to marry for love, not for money. It was him turning his cheek to his son that landed him in his downward spiral. He wanted to scream and shake the dead man's shoulder. He wanted his father to know how much he had ruined him; how much he hated him. But there was no point. It was over. His father would never change his mind. He would never redeem himself to his son. He was dead.

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Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight Osmund11
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Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight Empty Re: Funeral Home: So Long and Goodnight

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:28 pm

Fane hadn't known his Uncle Archibald too well, apart from seeing the man at various family gatherings. However he still felt compelled to show up to his funeral. His parents were attending, taking Jack and Jamie with them, so he figured he'd ought to be there for moral support. He sighed heavily as he had apparated to the funeral home after quickly throwing on the first black suit and tie he could find. His first day away from Molly and it was to attend a funeral. He loved his daughter, but she sure was a handful. He was lucky Quinn had agreed to babysit her that day.

Fane spent most of the time with Jack and Jamie. He hardly saw them anymore since they switched to Hogwarts and he missed them. His eyes had wandered and Fane almost gawked as he spotted Osmund. He would've suspect Helena to have attended over her son, given how dramatic Osmund tended to be over things. He supposed he couldn't blame Oz. Oz never had a good relationship with his father. The long haired man waited until after Oz had his last goodbye with his father before moving towards him.

"Hey," he greeted, simply. His cousin looked like he might cry and Fane could only guess it wouldn't be tears of sadness. "Sorry about your father," he told Oz, not sure what else to say. He wanted to know why Oz was there, but it felt like an insensitive question to ask.


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