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So Long and Goodnight

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So Long and Goodnight

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:18 pm

Dear Whoever decides this is a good read,
Warning: This is a terrible letter, you've been warned. Continue reading at your own risk.

Let me just start by telling you that everything in life is horrible, yes I mean everything, even me. With that said let me just tell you what are some things you should try to avoid because they are the worst of all these horrible things in life. I'm sure you're going to ignore me and if the opportunity presents itself you might do it anyways. Some of these will be good things to do so I advise you follow those ones.  Number one: if you're not from France and you've only recently moved here good luck cause no its not any nicer here than it was where ever you came from. Number two: make friends, yes I know everyone says that but I'm serious the last thing you want is to feel alone. And I don't mean go and be stupidly nice to everyone just to be friends with them, you only need a few so choose wisely. Number three: Quidditch is the best sport in the wizarding world and flying is very therapeutic. Number four: this one is going to sound stupid, but don't you dare judge me. Don't kiss your best mates, that gets really complicated really fast. Number five: clubs aren't as fun as they sound, I advise not to join them but if you must don't volunteer to lead one. Number six: Romance is confusing. I don't care what gender they are, its confusing and no its probably never going to not be confusing so just get over it now. Its best to just decide which ones are worth the confusion and which are not. Number seven: Think before talking. Yes I know this one is obvious but I'm serious, think before talking every single time you open your mouth it only takes one wrong word to screw everything up.

I can't think of anymore of those so now I'm just pretty much gonna talk about some of plans for after Beauxbatons. I'm probably not going to get a real job because let's face it working in a little cubical or becoming a doctor sounds completely boring. I think I'll play professional quidditch because that sounds like the best job ever. I've considered going back and living in England but I don't know about that yet so we'll see. Uh what else, oh yeah I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be an out of control adult so I should probably do the respectable thing and sort of break up with my girlfriend so I don't screw up and ruin that relationship, but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna go well because there is no way to explain to someone that you don't really want to break up and you still wanna be closer than just friends, but you don't wanna accidentally get too drunk and screw up massively and kill your relationship. I'm probably going to rely on all the money I inherited when my father died because he was completely worthless until it came to money. I pretty much just want to graduate and then go out and try everything that I wasn't allowed to do before just to say I did it because why not.

Cerisier Graduate

PS. I also wouldn't recommend making your plans after school resemble mine in the slightest because I'm sure 'trying everything just to say I did' is not going to end well.


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