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Better Off Buried

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Better Off Buried

Post by Linette Puchard on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:25 pm

A year had gone by since the last time Linette spoke to her boyfriend. She'd come to a point where she decided he no longer had that title. After all he'd skipped off and disappeared without a word. She'd sent a few owls at the beginning but no answers came back. Then she played a waiting game whilst getting on with her life and an unasked for house guest who didn't look in a hurry to leave.

Today she decided she would hold a mock funeral. Why not? She didn't know where Christian was and it sounded fitting. No-one else was invited. It was something she had to do all on her own. No witnesses. No-one telling her they knew where he was whilst they were in the know. That last had to be the hardest part about the whole thing. The fear that she was the only in the dark and she didn't want to ask questions in case her worst fear was the truth.

She stood in a grassed place which didn't appear to have a grave site. Stood and closed her eyes imagining it was the place where Christian was buried. She could picture the funeral now. Everyone else crying and Linette herself not. The normally easygoing witch wouldn't shed a tear. She'd one her crying. Now she was angry. Angry in a way her brother had never seen and he'd made her angry plenty of times.

"I HATE YOU!" she shouted. Then she opened her eyes again and realised she was no longer alone. She demurely put her hands behind her back and faced the witness. "Not you," she said. "Just someone who isn't here."


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