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Approach at Your Own Risk

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Approach at Your Own Risk

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:28 pm

As soon as she opened the door Mae hated everything about this place. Everywhere she tuned there was someone either trying to run into her, spill something, burp, laugh at something not funny, and do all around annoying and disgusting things. Upon first entering the horrible little pub she had clung to Bae letting him weave them through the disgusting maze of nasty people, however now he was gone. They twins had been sitting at a table trying to enjoy a drink and talking, he had said something she couldn't make out over the sound of someone behind her bellowing and he was off. At first she was going to follow but after he went through the crowd a particularly dirty looking boy filled the gap.

She had resigned to simply waiting for him to return, only now she was sitting alone. Mae had been watching the interactions that took place around her and quickly noticed that when someone was sitting alone another person felt the immediate need to join them. She cupped her hands around her glass, entwining her fingers around it, and sipped her drink hoping Bae returned soon. She tried to give off the vibe that she was absolutely not interested in having company but she had a bad feeling that wouldn't stop anyone.

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Re: Approach at Your Own Risk

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:15 pm

August was a sweet boy and he was always nice to everyone. It was his fourth year at Beauxbatons and after doing a bit of shopping, he needed a break. His feet hurt because of the books he had been carrying and he needed to sit down. The pub was incredibly busy today and was a bit wild to say the least. He couldn't spot a familiar face, so he moved around the pub. Because of the big crowd, there was no empty table. He sighed and looked around for a less crowded table.

He spotted one off to the side, it only had one person at it. Perfect, if he was able to sit with her. He chose his steps carefully so he wouldn't run into someone or step on someone's feet. Just as he was about to reach the table, someone decided to move which caused him to run right into the table. His books fell onto the table and the fall. "I'm sorry, I was on my way over her and someone just bumped into me. But I'm sure you saw that," he said awkwardly before dropping to his knees to retrieve his books. He carefully set his books on the table before stating, "It's like people don't have manners. I'm sorry that I bumped into your table, Miss. I'm August by the way in case you wanted to know." He said with a cheerful yet awkward smile.


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