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Nearly Witches

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Nearly Witches

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:34 pm

Getting a wand was the one thing Fane had the least patience for that day, even less patience that he had with waiting as he was prodded and measure to get fit for his school uniform. He had to wait and watch as the flustered shopkeeper attended to the kids in front of him, and watched as each time they nearly destroyed the shop with the wands that rejected them. Fane scoffed. If this shop could with-stain blows like that all day, he was sure it would still be standing when the world came to an end.

He almost didn't believe it was his turn when the shopkeeper pointed to him and told him to try out the wand she was extending towards him. It fit nicely into his hand, but when he waved it, it took out a shelf of books, which made Fane cringe. What a mess this shop was!

It took at least five or six wands before he finally got decent results from the wand he was handed. Fane grinned as he watched it glow warmly and friendly. "It has chosen me?" He asked, dumfounded and the shopkeeper nodded. He just grinned and nodded a thanks before heading over to cash out. He was nearly a witch now that he had his wand.


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