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Apollo Kronidis

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Apollo Kronidis

Post by Minister Viridian on Mon May 23, 2016 3:53 pm

Month: May
Character's full name: Apollo Kronidis
House: Nuage
Clubs/Quidditch Position: Students Exploring Beauxbatons/Chaser
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Family: Panagiotis Kronidis, Demeter Kronidi
Pets: None (He plans to buy a cat, but he's a great procrastinator)

Food: All kinds of meat and crepes
Color: Green, Blue and Orange
Animal: Cats
Hobbies: Swimming, Quidditch, soccer, running, cartoons, animals, traveling

Dream Job: Historian, swimmer, joke shop owner
Dream House/Location to Live: Greece, his home country
Family plans: Looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend

Misc. OOC Section
What shape would their Patronus Take? Dolphin
What memory would they use to trigger it? Every given moment when he had fun with his friends.
When faced with a Boggart, what form would it take? A friend who is hating him.
What would your character see in the Mirror of Erised? A truly self-confident Apollo.
What is your favorite thing about your character? He reflects my personality in a way.
Other information you would like to share: Apollo has a slight case of monophobia.
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