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Hello, it's me

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Hello, it's me

Post by Kayla Miller on Tue Nov 03, 2015 12:05 pm

To the Reader I will never meet,

I'm writing this as I pack my bags for New Zealand, for who knows how many years. I would cry, but an old friend taught me not to.

Miller. You've probably seen that name several times before. That's how I felt, coming into Beauxbatons. Professors would smile and say "you're Caleb's little sister and Mabel/Fiona/Grace's cousin!" They would like and remember me as a good student and Quidditch player, but not much else. So, I long stopped caring what people thought. I was a good student, but I skipped class occasionally to have my own adventures. And I would show up the next day with an innocent smile and everything would be okay.

You see, I always kept my deepest shenanigans to myself. That's the fun part about people. They are so wonderfully imaginable and rarely ever explored. I thought I could predict people's patterns in Quidditch and I was so wrong. Stop worrying about others and make yourself the best.

You will change during Beauxbatons. Maybe you'll enter an eccentric bookish introvert bursting with curiosity, and leave an extroverted Quidditch captain restless with stifling imagination. Some will embrace the change. Others, not so much. Maybe you'll be internally angry and confused because they haven't changed and you still want to be friends. Hang on to those who accept you, those who recognize you are far more than your exterior *cough* my amazing boyfriend Greg.

Some things won't change. Maybe you'll enter too mature for eleven years and leave a little saddened by that. Maybe it wasn't entirely your fault either. Maybe it was that charming dark haired boy next door who seemed so wonderfully mysterious, because he at the age of eight had probably gone through hell you never would. Little seven-year-old you was eager at the chance to be more than the cute little Miller girl. So you spouted somewhat grim realities and kept your imagination in your head. When you lost that best friend,  you kept up the maturity act and isolated yourself. Until you plopped down across the table from a boy with the same dark hair as the boy who passed away, and dreamier eyes.

We didn't date until my fifth year, but I think the relationship was cemented when he kept in touch with me while I was sick. When I came back, I had to repeat a year. I was angry and frustrated, but I had a choice. I could act out immaturely, or push back maturely. I chose the second and it definitely paid off. I made more friends which meant more fun. Last year, I finally got promoted to my original year and Head Girl. The saying about "when life throws you lemons make lemonade" is cliche yet true. If you learn to make fun out of pesky situations, you'll get far in life.  

The future is undoubtedly exciting. Personally, I'm drawn to mysteries and cryptic messages. That's why I signed up for Divination as an eager third year. Honestly, I was good at it, but never as good as in Defense against the Dark Arts. As I got more advanced in Divination, I struggled more. It bothered me to tell people including myself that they were powerless to control their own future. Turns out I don't get along well with destiny and never will. Destiny is what you make it to be, no matter what Professor Boux or any other Seer tells you. I don't regret dropping the class this year.

Isobel implied to me that she saw me and Greg getting married early. I love Greg, but it irks me to have a fate like that so readily predetermined. That's part of the reason I'm going to New Zealand, maybe. That and Caleb's encouragement. I don't plan to become a nomad. However, I want to step outside of the familiar life and explore this great big world. I'm going to New Zealand on a "test mission" of sorts to retrieve a harmless Time-turner. The assignment itself is minor and shouldn't take long. I'll also be staying around to train young New Zealand Quidditch players. I don't know when I'll be back. Maybe you, young witch/wizard, will follow a similar path as mine. Who knows? After all, it's your destiny.

-Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller

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