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Harley Fenwick

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Harley Fenwick

Post by Minister Viridian on Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:42 pm


Character's full name: Harley Calypso Fenwick
House: Montagnard
Clubs/Quidditch Position: Montagnard Beater, Muggle Appreciation Club
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Family: Elijah Fenwick is the man she considers her father, but her real parents, Karen and Oliver Baine, abandoned her when she was young. She has a little brother, Jeremy Baine, who attends Hogwarts.
Pets: Harley is temporarily watching over a hippogriff named Canyon and she owns a black cat named Nyx.


Food: Raspberry green tea and peach cobbler.
Color: Grey or green.
Animal: Dragons, especially the Chinese Fireball.
Hobbies: Baking sweets, reading, playing the guitar, taking her pets on walks, and occasionally traveling for her job at the Ministry.


Dream Job: Minister for Magic
Dream House/Location to Live: Perhaps moving back to England and owning a large house in the countryside.
Family plans: Perhaps one day getting married and raising a child with a loving husband.

Misc. OOC Section:

What shape would their Patronus Take? Probably a fennec fox. Something small.
What memory would they use to trigger it? When Harley was taken in by Elijah.
When faced with a Boggart, what form would it take? It may be stupid, but Harley is ridiculously afraid of snakes and geese.
What would your character see in the Mirror of Erised? Harley most wants to become someone important, so probably a stadium full of people cheering her on for something.
What is your favorite thing about your character? Her attitude probably. She knows how to take an insult and throw it back harder.
Other information you would like to share: Since, Harley was originally from London, she has a weird mix of French/British accent that makes it hard for people to understand her sometimes.
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