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House Points!

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House Points! Empty House Points!

Post by Minister Gallifrey on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:56 pm

The Ministers of Charm and Grace are proud to present to you our shiny new house points system followed by a house cup! Houses are able to win points in one of two ways. The first and easier way to win points is through Quidditch. Each time a team wins a Quidditch match, they earn 25 points. If the house wins the Quidditch cup, they earn 50 points. The second way houses can earn points is by students attending class. By making threads designated for House points, each student participant can earn a minimum of 5 points (depending on how many times the thread is posted in). In order to qualify for house points, a thread must be made in any classroom with a class setting theme (e.i. learning a lesson, studying, practicing a spell, working on a project...) and must be turned in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] by the end of term to be counted. Participants must post at least three times to receive house points. Posting more than the minimum will earn you more house points. Class Time threads may be done with as many participants as you want and can be from different houses, but must have at least two characters involved. Class Time threads must be clearly labeled with "Class Time" in the title topic of the thread and may be followed by any other name you wish.

We hope you enjoy our system of house points and find it a fun addition to the site. Please post below with any questions or concerns you have and have a lovely day.

The Giant Squid of Anger
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Credit to theMonsterGirlofMonsters of Tumblr
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