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Beat Better

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Beat Better

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:56 pm

Cerisier's performance over the years she'd been on the team had been a huge disappointment for Christine. With her sister now gone off into working in a coffee shop of all places, the fifteen year old was determined to make sure the losing streak would end. Problem. She was not captain (which she didn't want anyway) and it was usually the seeker which ended everything. Who the seeker for Cerisier would be this year was at this stage not determined. Since that was the case the new strategy for Christine was to take out the opposing seeker. It was the only way.

Of course it was highly likely whoever they played would try the same trick thus Christine decided it was high time she stopped trying to guess the best strategies to use and actually do some research. She needed to know what the professionals did and the best place to find source material was Bludgers and Broomsticks. They sold Quidditch books and it would more likely be easier to find the ones she needed there rather than Jaded Pages which sold a much wider variety of books.

The witch smiled as she noticed her reasoning was perfect as per usual. She'd already been to Jaded Pages to buy her textbooks and had noticed she could not find the Quidditch section without searching for it too. Here it was obvious in amongst all the equipment, uniforms and posters. Her one issue though was which beater book would be best. "Who are the Cannons?" she asked someone nearby as she picked up one book about beating for that team.


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