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While you Wait

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While you Wait

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:19 am

Marie-Laure was never one to be hard on her clothes but the auror program was such that she hadn't time to think about keeping what she was wearing in good order. It was very much like Quidditch in which the wear and tear on the uniform was harsh. More so in her current line of employment. As such she found she needed new uniforms already after only one year of training.

She entered the robe shop with very little enthusiasm. Her old school uniform may have been elegant and she'd loved wearing it but the non-uniform fashions were nowhere near as good as the Parisian or Brussels stores she would frequent. She noted again how outdated much of the shop looked. Certainly elegant and a few timeless fashions but not much else to impress one who grew up in a world of knowing what was in and out in the fashion world.

The auror in training spoke to one of the shop employees and was pointed to a chair to wait. She knew she should have waited one more month. Then there wouldn't also be the students to compete with for fittings. The witch sat in one of the chairs provided and picked up an old copy of Veela Magazine, the wizarding world's equivalent of the magazines she sometimes read, sitting on a small table. Soon enough she got bored with it and sat back drumming her fingers on the arms of the comfortable chair. Feeling a need to do something other than just wait she turned the the person next to her. "Have you been waiting long?"


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