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Dance Forever

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Dance Forever

Post by Guest on Sun May 18, 2014 12:55 pm

Being a sixth year came with its perks, one of those perks being the Valentine's Dance. Anyone who knew Mabel knew that she loved to dance and she was pretty good at it. She didn't care about going with anyone like some of the other girls in her year, she didn't care about the romance either. This closest she was going to get to romance was kissing Fane and she did that on a regular basis. After a long period of time, she finally decided on a dark blue dress that came just above her knees. There was no use doing anything with her hair since it would only come undone by the end of the night.

She showed up alone, but that didn't stop her from making a grand entrance. If she was going to look this hot, she wanted everyone to see. Mabel made her way over to an empty table and took a seat. It was now time to scope out a dancing partner. Someone that was hot and wouldn't make her look bad.


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