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My Mother's Robes

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My Mother's Robes Empty My Mother's Robes

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:49 pm

Serah didn't particularly like walking through Whisper Alley. It was more than a little creepy. The alley was made of stone bricks, and the buildings were close together . Luckily, Serah didn't have to walk too far. Secondhand Robes was one of the first visible shops.

Serah's father insisted that she go to this store, not because she didn't have enough money (she had plenty), but because her father was friends with the owner. They had gone to Hogwarts together, apparently.

Serah was nervous, but her father had told her not to be afraid. He had told her to take coffee to Mr. Williamson and introduce herself as Christoph's daughter.

Serah walked into the store and was greeted immediately. "Hello, young lady! How can I help you?"

"Are y-y-you Mr. Williamson?" Serah asked.

"Tiberius Williamson.," the man answered, sticking out his hand for Serah to shake.

"My-y n-n-name is S-s-serah Palmer. Christoph Palmer is-s-s my father."

"So you're Serah? I knew I recognized your face. You look exactly like your old man."

Serah didn't like hearing that she looked like her dad, but she ignored the comment. "Yup. That's me."

"Your father called me a few weeks ago. He told me that you got accepted into Beauxbatons. Congratulations! It's a great school. What house do you want to be in?"

"I'm not-t-t sure. My mother was-s-s in Montagnard, But I h-have more of-f my father's personality," Serah replied.

"I got that vibe right away. You fidget, just like your father was at your age," Tiberius said, nodding. "But who knows? All of my family was in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, but I was sorted into Slytherin. Sorting in any school is fascinating."

"I'm-m not sure. I might-t like it-t," Serah answered.

:It's nerve-wracking. Having your thoughts read is an odd feeling. But anyway, let me get your robes."

Serah was surprised, "You have them already?" She questioned.

"Yes. Your father trusted me with your mother's Beaubatons robes. They haven't changed much over the years. The only thing that has changed are the houses. And apparently, you have your mother's measurements exactly.I'll go get them from the back. You can put the coffee on the counter to your right."

Serah had forgotten that she had a mug of coffee in her hands. She gently laid it on the glass counter.

Tiberius came out of the back room with two powder blue robes. "They give you your hats at school," he explained. "Go ahead and take them. Your father paid already."

Serah was surprised again, but she just smiled. "Thank you, sir."

:Anytime, Serah. Good luck at school. And watch your step in this part of town. I doubt you'll have any trouble, but just in case."A


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