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A Poor Soul

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A Poor Soul

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:24 pm

Jeremy was absolutely ecstatic. He had seen people flinging around spells like they were toys, even though one could easily kill someone if used wrong. That didn't bother him, though, but what did bother him was that he was desperately craving his lost pumpkin juice. He made his was to the small cafe and quickly ordered another pumpkin juice to fulfill his grumbling stomachs urges. Only after the kind waitress delivered it to him did he realize he was out of money from shopping for the basic supplies like his robes and cauldron. He hadn't even purchases a wand or books yet. After becoming flustered, he heard a feminine voice from behind him saying they would pay for his order. He promptly turned around to thank them but ended up gasping like a fish out of water instead. "Harley?"


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