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Express Yourself

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Express Yourself

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:10 pm

Ever since the summer, Mabel kept to herself. It wasn't that she was mad at her friends or anything, she just wanted to be alone. She didn't really know why, the company of other people was just plain annoying right now. It was mainly because of her little sister, who Mabel wished she could hit so she'd stop acting like a brat. and her big far mouth. She didn't care what Grace thought of her, she couldn't have been more wrong about Mabel. She wasn't goth and she didn't wear all black like her sister insisted she did. It was like no one even knew her, like no one really wanted the know her.

The closest person to her was Fane and she still didn't share most of her feelings with the boy. She never expressed herself through words, dance was the closest she got to expressing herself. And that's what she came to do, to dance by the water. The sun was shinning and it looked pretty cool against the lake. She stopped to take it in before preparing to dance, she could appreciate things. Just certain things. Things that mattered.


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