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Sunshine and Reunions: The Key to Happiness

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Sunshine and Reunions: The Key to Happiness

Post by Harley Fenwick on Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:58 pm

Harley sighed peacefully as the calm wind whistled past her ears and brushed her hair to the side. She laid back on the powdery sand and looked up at the sun that poured down onto her pale skin. She wasn't due to visit Elijah until next week and so far, she had spent at least an hour of everyday down at the lake. It was truly beautiful, the long grass tickled her skin and crystal blue water lapped at her bare feet. It was times like this that she could be her normal, secluded self and not have to worry about making others happy. She rarely had any time to help herself, she as too busy cleaning up after others and helping them find things, whether it be chocolate frogs or library books. Unexpected things happened, she knew that the best, but she just wished that she wasn't the only one willing to help in certain situations.

Never mind that though, for now she would enjoy basking in the sunlight and listen to the echoing of birds. She had rested longer than she though, as she figured out when she cracked her eyes open and found a beautiful scarlet sunset shining on her and footsteps crunching against fallen leaves. She whirled around and looked at the stranger. "Oh, I'm sorry I'll leave," she sighed before looking him in the eye. No, there way no way. The boy standing in front of her was almost an exact replica of her little brother. It had to be nearly impossible for her completely Muggle parents to have two magical children. "Wow, you look just like someone I know."

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