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The Last Goodbye

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The Last Goodbye

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:43 am

Dear unfortunate person that choose my letter over all the rest,

This is just a short little note to let everyone know that I stood here once many years after my laughter has faded from these halls.

Beauxbatons is school so it won't always be fun but boy did I have some of the best times of my life here. If you're here looking for advice I'll give you a little bit right here, don't stress out over school, don't take everything too serious, live life to the fullest and grow up at your own pace, oh and of course have as much fun as you can (even if its at others experience). Join clubs, I didn't do anything here for so long besides build my reputation as a trouble maker until I joined the school paper that gave me something more to look forward to every year.

Above all I think it is super important to tell you that growing older doesn't mean you have to act a certain way, age does not come with a set of rules that say you have to act a certain way at each step. I'll be leaving here in a few months and I still have the heart of a child and that's just who I am and I'm out with that, and you know what I'm still gonna make it outside these walls without being stuck up and pretending like I'm wise.

Anyways I just wanted to leave something here after I leave, I want the palace to remember me long after its not being plagued by my stupid pranks and constant laughter. This is my last goodbye thanks for being an awesome second home.

-The Sawyer Johnson
Former co-leader of SOP, Montagnard Prefect, and one of the biggest troublemakers Beauxbatons has ever known


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