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Get Your Nose Out Of That Book

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Get Your Nose Out Of That Book

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:12 pm

Guen decided, with the weather finally warming up to a nice spring day, she was going to go out and read for a little bit. With a book tucked under her arm, she headed down the stairs from her dorm to the outdoors. Trent was busy doing work, so that was another reason why she was going outside. She needed to preoccupy herself and her dorm room was boring to stay in. She already spent way too much time there and at the library. Plus, reading outside was lots of fun. Maybe she'd climb a tree and sit on one of the branches and read. Maybe...she'd mostly likely fall knowing her.

As soon as she reached the grounds, she opened up the book and began reading while she walked. Bad. Very bad habit of hers. She did it at home all the time and it was a habit she had yet to break. So, of course, she tripped over her own foot stumbling right into some unsuspecting girl. The book fell from her hands. She looked up in horror. This girl was definitely way older than her. It was so embarrassing. "I am so so so sorry!"


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