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Misfortune of Hugs

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Misfortune of Hugs

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:23 pm

Katie's eyes lit up with excitement and she held the letter in her hands from her father. As she was at the posh and frilly that was Beauxbatons school of Magic, the red head had missed the final match that decided if the Holyhead Harpies won the English and Irish Quidditch League, or if they didn't.

Standing in the Grand Hall, with people milling about her, the Casavant, opened the letter and her eyes scanned the contents of the newspaper cutting from the Daily Prophet, a detailed description of the game followed along with it.

Finally finishing reading it and shouting out in joy as she read that the Harpies had in deed won, she jumped up and looked around the room, spying the figure of her that was her friend, Katie threw her arms around him in a hug as she showed him the cutting, "Look Mund! Look! They won!" She cried gleefully as she squeezed him tighter in happiness.


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Re: Misfortune of Hugs

Post by Osmund Hollow on Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:50 pm

Osmund had gotten accustomed to much of the habits of Katie Brooks, including her obsession with Quidditch and her referring to him by 'Mund' rather than 'Osmund,' however, he hadn't thought the girl had it in her to hug him, or anyone really, like he had found within moments of entering the dinning hall.

He had just grabbed a plate full of food and was about to head over towards the spot where he and the redhead usually sat when suddenly she was prancing towards him full speed, piece of parchment in hand. He felt his body jolt backwards and his plate fall to the floor as her arms wrapped around him in a violent hug of excitement. The Oulett's eyes widened at the odd contact and his arms were held up uselessly in the air, not hugging back.

"What....are you doing?" Osmund questioned, in much of a shock. She had been shouting something of the likes of 'they won!' they won!' But who were they and why did this make it okay for her to touch him like this? His eyes finally wandered over towards the paper she had shoved towards him and he read the heading; "Holyhead Harpies Take Home Quidditch League Prize." Osmund rolled his eyes. That was so Katie, he thought to himself and then let his hands rest gently on her back. "Are we done yet?" He asked after another moment. He could feel his rib cage collapsing on his lungs.

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