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Beater Up!

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Beater Up!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:00 pm

After the humiliation of the last two matches Christine felt she needed to redouble her efforts to be at least a half decent beater. She could fly. That much was obvious after her first flying lessons. In fact Christine believed she had a wonderful flying talent. Better than Stephie, whom she found hard to believe, ever caught a snitch. She hadn't so far in the short time they'd been at Beauxbatons together.

Unfortunately Christine couldn't really comment on her sister's issues when she was having so much trouble herself with the bludgers. Hitting them was much harder than she'd thought and it didn't help that one of the beaters on the other team always aimed for her. Thus, on a day when she thought she would have the pitch to herself, she went down for a secret practice session all on her own. All she needed was one bludger to hit around in the air and the wind which was blowing rather hard would only aid her in getting better in time for the next match.

Wind or no wind it was a challenge dragging out the equipment for one bat and one bludger but Christine never gave up on a task she set for herself. Her jaw was set as she gave the box one last tug onto the pitch and then stood with her hands on her hips and smiling in triumph at it. "I have won round one," she declared before bending back down to release one bludger. It shot up in the air. Christine grabbed her bat and her broom and was soon enough giving chase.

She gritted her teeth as she held onto the bat tightly before swinging it at the bludger and dropping it again like she had in the last match. Christine tilted her broom downwards to retrieve the bat and shouted when she caught sight of someone else down there. "Watch out for the bat!"


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