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Tonight Tonight

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Tonight Tonight

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:55 pm

It was Sawyer and Payton's last year at Beauxbatons and the thought of leaving made Payton worried. He was just a worry wart and was worrying over nothing. Him and Sawyer had everything planned out, they were going to get a flat together. There was no reason to worry about the future, it was time to focus on the present. It was the Valentine's Dance, one of the most exciting nights at Beauxbatons, and he wasn't going to worry about things while he was there. Worrying wasn't going to happen.

When Adela left to talk to some fellow classmates, Payton took the opportunity to see how his brother was doing. It wasn't hard to find the boy that looked like him in the crowd of people. "How's your date?" Payton teased. He thought is was a tad bit funny that his brother accepted an invitation to the dance without thinking it through. "You know he likes you, right? That's why he asked you."


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