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Bats in the Bellfry

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Bats in the Bellfry

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:19 pm

Marceline didn't need to talk to her roommate to know she didn't like her. If her organization wasn't enough to bother her, her roommate was always complaining about one thing or another whenever she entered the dorm. 'Her comic books were everywhere' or 'Get that bat away from me' or whatnot and Marcy often needed a break. She wasn't afraid of curfew rules. She broke Agatha's all the time back home and her guardian had yet to notice that she had snuck out. So on such nights, Marceline wrapped a blanket around herself, took Sigmund in hand, illuminated wand in another and headed out.

She liked the observatory tower for at such late an hour, one could see so many stars. The short haired girl made her way up the flight of stairs to the beloved place, but stopped in her footsteps when she heard a noise. It sounded like someone else was up there with her, but Marceline failed to spot any figure in the light casted by her wand. She held her breath for a moment, trying to see if her ears detected any more noise. Perhaps it was just a draft that created the noise? Or maybe it was a vampire! Marceline had heard floating rumors about how a vampire had infiltrated the school once before and with the threats of the Fee, Marceline wasn't doubting that they'd do it again. She loved muggle horror stories about vampires, but wasn't sure she was ready to meet one.

However, her thoughts dwindled down as no other sounds of movement met her ears. She released the breath she was holding and continued her way up. The moonlight traced the outlines of telescopes and other devices used in astronomy that Marceline wasn't entirely sure how to use, but she avoided all and took a seat at the gaping opening facing towards the sky. She let Sigmund go free and watched as the bat flew around the spacious area while she wrapped herself tighter in her blanket. Another loud creak caused her to turn around, and this time catching a face in the light of her wand, the young girl screamed. Hastily Marceline rose to her feet and pointed her wand, uttering the first incantation that came to her mind. "Expeliarmus!" She heard the click of a wand hitting the floor but didn't ease her stance. "Come out now," She ordered, her wand still pointing defensively. "Show your face or else I'll hurt you this time, I swear!"


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Re: Bats in the Bellfry

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:43 pm

Being a prefect had its perks and one of the perks was being out after bedtime to catch the students who thought they could do whatever they liked. Gus wasn't usually one to boss someone around but he was only helping them out by telling them to follow the rules. If he told students to follow the rules, along with certain punishments, they would be great students and also have the chance to be a prefect. He was only looking out for others by telling on them. So, with his wand in hand he made his rounds.

The observatory was a good place to check since you could see more at night than you could in the day time. Upon entering the tower, his wand was out of his hands in seconds. "Hey!" He stepped out from the shadows and folded his arms. "It's after bedtime." Gus picked up his wand and pointed it at the exit. "You should be in bed."


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