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Post by Quentin D'Angelo on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:50 pm

Though Quentin was a skillful, and perhaps even graceful flyer, he was 6'2" of pure clumsiness whenever his feet were on the ground. Usually he was able to manage simple walking or running, occasionally losing balance, occasionally knocking something over, but dancing was a new evil that made Quinn fear for those around him. Lessons he had when he was young did nothing to help his lack of skill, but only further convinced him to avoid dancing at all costs. However, this was the first year he was able to attend the school's dance, an event he heard many positive things about so that he would feel entirely left out if he didn't show up. Also, there was Paige.

What more a romantic way to start a relationship with the girl he had been crushing on than to ask her during the Valentine's day dance. The event was practically oozing in romantic vibes and decorated in red paper hearts. She was the top reason he had shown his face that night and his heart pounded as he spotted her across the room and even more so once he got his feet in motion.

Half way there to Paige and suddenly the blue-haired boy chickened out and before the blonde girl could catch sight of him, he took the hands of the first familiar face and pulled them into a dance. Waiting a moment to let his system ease down, he finally realized just who he was dancing with. "Ah, hello there Marie-Laure," He started, trying to act casual. "I think as competitive friends, we ought to at least dance with each other, right?" Honestly he was a bit surprised to see her there. Marie-Laure had made it clear last year her feelings about the school and since then, he had detected an air of despise for people from her. Though he had to admit she looked nice out of the quidditch uniform and in a dress. Her hair was quite pretty as well. "I'll forfeit ahead of time so I don't make a fool out of myself. But you are most likely the better dancer between us," He admitted.

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Re: Stutter

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:55 am

The Valentine dance was one of the few things Marie-Laure actually looked forward to at Beauxbatons.  It was an excuse to dress up and do something she enjoyed.  Shopping.  Even that shopping was with her mother. That was the one thing, besides their freckles and colouring, they had in common.  It was soon very apparent over the Christmas holidays whilst looking for the perfect dress just how good Yvette was at picking out the right items for the right occasion.  Little bit by little bit Marie-Laure was beginning to come round to forgiving the older witch and everyone else too who had been a part of the deception.

It was unfortunate that Marie-Laure still didn't feel she fitted in at the school but she was not going to let that worry her too much.  Not yet. Not now.  Not tonight.  She even managed to smile a little and have a little fun.  The dance was turning out to be what she'd hoped it'd be.  Something which crossed the divide between the witch and the muggle parts of her.  She could not deny who she really was.  One who was of both worlds and she had to figure out how to do this thing fast or she would make the same mistakes her mother made.

She was on the sidelines after a dance with a seventh year pondering this dilemna when, without warning, she was dragged into another dance.  Her protest died on her lips when she saw who it was had dragged her out.  "Yes but you could have at least asked me first.  That is the normal way of doing things."  But then what was normal when it came to Quinn.  He was always so frustrating and there in her face.  Yet there was a part of Marie-Laure who could not say she hated that about him.  "I might be but dancing is not supposed to be a competition between partners.  We're meant to work together. Not against each other.  Save the competition for the Quidditch pitch."


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