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Chantalle in the Fifth

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Chantalle in the Fifth

Post by Linette Puchard on Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:40 pm

Linette stretched out her short legs as she grinned at her brilliant detection spell in finding an empty table. Using and experimenting with magic whenever she wanted (outside of muggle prying eyes) had to be one of the best things about adulthood. On a day like today she needed it as it was very crowded in the shop. Of course she could have stayed at home and read but what fun was that when she could just as easily read and eat elsewhere. Besides, crowds had never bothered Linette.

With herself settled in at her table and knowing a meal was being prepared for her out in the kitchen she opened up the book she brought along. It might have been considered a little childish for a nineteen year old witch but Linette didn't care. She would read anything so why not read a school-story about a young witch's fifth year at Beauxbatons? She was soon settled in to reading about Chantelle's antics which vaguely reminded her of her own. She stopped and checked the publication date. Linette gave a low whistle. "I guess some things really don't change all that much," she mused aloud.


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