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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:46 pm

When Bae walked into the robes shop, he had expected a stately shopkeeper, perhaps a wisened old woman. What he hadn't expected was a young man, smiling and cracking jokes in a quite unprofessional manner as he poked and prodded Bae with needles and tape measures. It was quite an unsettling experience, and even glaring at a fellow shopper didn't ease the tension. He wanted it to be over as quickly as possible, but the shopkeeper seemed determined to work as slowly as he could. Ridiculous, the whole thing. He even told the seamster that he already knew his own measurements, but the man insisted that he preferred his own perfect measurements. As if the Chin's seamstress would make a mistake. The man was arrogant, but went about smiling and no-one else seemed to mind him. Idiots. Bae went back to glaring at the innocent shopper.


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