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In My Blood

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In My Blood

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:33 pm

Xavior felt bad. Really, he did. He had grown apart from his baby sister over the years without meaning to, without consciously choosing to. He'd promised her, when she first started at Beauxbatons, that that exact thing wouldn't happen. Now that he was an adult, he decided to rectify the situation. He didn't have studies to worry about and he only worked nights, so other than hanging out with Osmund and Christian, he had plenty of time for his little sister.

He had owled Paige the day before, telling her to meet him at La Petit Dragon, so he entered the pub and found a decent empty table. He ordered a drink and sat with his legs crossed, nervously sipping his drink. He wanted very badly to rekindle his relationship with his sister, so he was just a little anxious. He broke out into a smile, though, when he saw her walk into the darkly lit room. She looked so grown up, no matter how much he thought of her as a tiny eleven-year-old.


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