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Someone To Talk To

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Someone To Talk To Empty Someone To Talk To

Post by Raven White on Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:52 pm

After dying, Raven wandered the halls looking for someone to talk to. Had had fallen ill and a couple of days later she had passed. All she wanted was company and she usually found it among the students of Beauxbatons. She had seen students come and go, she always loved going to the sorting ceremony and seeing all the new arrivals.

Today she was roaming the halls once again. It was quiet, students must have been busy with their homework and friends. The ghost was lonely, her groans echoed the halls. "Is anyone there?" She continued down the hall until she got to the dead end, she turned around and continued her roaming. "Is there anyone that I can talk to?" Her voice gave off a hint of loneliness. Once she heard footsteps approaching, her face lit up with a smile. "Hello!"

I roam the halls...
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looking for someone to talk to
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Someone To Talk To Empty Re: Someone To Talk To

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:07 pm

Galen did not really have any friends. He had Stephanie, but he was so positively sure she found him weird and was only trying to be nice to him. He sighed softly and walked around the empty halls having already done all of his homework. He hummed to himself as he walked along the hall while lost somewhere in his own mind. He was pretending he was in another world, one where he was a popular and where everyone would talk to him and hangout with him and he'd be happy, but that wasn't the case. However a voice snapped him from his reverie. He looked up and saw one of the school ghosts. "Hello." He smiled politely.


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