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Meet Raven White

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Meet Raven White Empty Meet Raven White

Post by Raven White on Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:06 am

After falling ill, Raven passed away several days later. She was once a professor at Beauxbatons, many years ago. Though she didn't die on the palace grounds, she came back to the school because it was the only place that truly made her happy. She can be found roaming the halls looking for someone to strike up a conversation with her. She is very good at answering questions and is very kindhearted, she can answer your homework questions. She loves to spend her time in the Grand Hall, but you can find her just about anywhere, even outside.

I roam the halls...
Meet Raven White Raven4_zps595df95f
looking for someone to talk to
Raven White
Raven White

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