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My Sisters Bore Me

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My Sisters Bore Me Empty My Sisters Bore Me

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:50 pm

Mabel wasn't into the thought of spending the day with her two sisters, but there she was sitting with the two girls. She wasn't sure why she was even there and why she didn't just leave. She could leave any time she wanted so why was she just sitting there with a bored expression on her face? Their parents had told them to get along better and spend more time together, even though Mabel disagreed with them. She didn't think they needed to spend any time together, she could hardly stand them. Fiona thought she knew everything and was always bothering Mabel. Grace was annoying and whinny, a little brat.

She sighed loudly, letting them know that she was bored. Even after Mabel and Grace's little 'heart-to-heart' conversation, she still didn't care about anything the girl did and she didn't talk to her about anything after that. She just hoped that Grace could keep her mouth shut about Mabel having a crush. "Well..." she started, her tone gave off boredom. "Why are we here?" She looked over at Fiona as if she would know what was going on and what was going to happen.


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My Sisters Bore Me Empty Re: My Sisters Bore Me

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:22 am

Mum and dad seemed to think there was something wrong with their daughters. Like they shouldn't fight or anything. Fiona personally thought that was crazy thinking. That was exactly what sisters were supposed to do. Besides Mabel deserved everything and anything Fiona threw at her simply for her nasty attitude and Grace was just a spoilt brat who got whatever she wanted. Yet here they were together like Fiona promised they would be. She didn't think she could get Mabel there and wondered if mum had anything to do with that.

She tapped her fingers on the table and took her time to answer. "We are here, the Miller sisters three, for a very important meeting regarding sisterhood," she said with the most serious tone she could muster. "Really Mabel. Did you have to ask that? Think. You're here because you, like me and Grace, were told we have to get along. Therefore I have a proposal to make." She drew Mabel and Grace's attention to the parchment in front of her with the words 'The Miller Sisters' Contract' printed across the top. "This is to be our plan to, in the sight of our parents, appear to get along. Thankfully that'll only apply to school holidays so you're safe." A frown appeared across her face. "Though it is possible our behaviour here might get reported to them too. That'll make things hard when you and I are in the same house."


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