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A Short History of Nearly Nothing

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A Short History of Nearly Nothing Empty A Short History of Nearly Nothing

Post by Quentin D'Angelo on Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:17 pm

There were things Quinn liked about school and there were things that he didn't care too much for. He loved seeing his friends everyday and he loved being able to play quidditch. He loved visits to Village du Cheval and loved being able to still find new things in the school, even after five years of attending the academy. What he didn't like were the classes, the tests, the homework. History of Magic being one of the worst of the mentioned, for it was a class that Quinn never had much interest in and was one where he actually had to pay attention in, unlike divination, where the blue haired boy strived by pulling fake predications out of thin air at moments notice. In this class, there was no bullshitting answers. He either knew or, more likely for him, did not know.

They were given classwork to do individually, which was all the more boring. With classwork, Quinn could do it as homework instead, so he counted his time wasted and even more since he wasn't allowed to talk to his friends instead. He'd might even do his work if they were allowed to do it in partners, but instead everyone was stuck in their own bubbles, working diligently while he stared at the back of heads of his classmates and sighed. This was boring.

He attempted to do the work, only getting to the second or third goblin revolt, before a headache ensued and he felt his time better spent resting his blue head on the desk. He had no idea how he would ever manage to study for his O.W.L.s.

A Short History of Nearly Nothing Quenti10
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