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Letter Readathon

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Letter Readathon

Post by Linette Puchard on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:49 pm

Dear Reader,

You are a reader aren't you? Not just a sniffer?  Well I do know someone who does both.  Reading is fun but reading older books is the most fun of all.  Sniffing probably isn't as bad with those ones either because you can smell the history in the pages.  Though that might be because not many new books come my way so I don't really get much of that new book smell of history to be made whilst I read.  

Never forget that if you don't read then you don't get much of a world opened up to you beyond the one you see with your eyes.  It'll probably help to with all that boring adult stuff you'll have to deal with once you leave school.  Reading through job adverts, job applications, the small print (I often had to do that for dad) and anything else necessary for that life of adulthood.  Scary stuff for sure.  I'm not even sure if I'll get the job I really want.

Is this letter going to be all about reading?  Probably or maybe not.  Well actually I think I might speak of the experiences of life itself in a school where you're surrounded by wealth but have none of it yourself.  Sure money would buy me an entire library of books but have you ever seen how miserable wealthy students can look?  That makes me content about my family finances.  Sure my parents may be divorced and I had to wear second hand dresses to the Valentine dances but I am still able to find joy in life.  Life is full of joy if you know where to look.

Surprised I don't have my nose in a book all the time?  Well of course I don't.  If I did I wouldn't have been able to do such a great at Quidditch announcing.  That was enjoyable as was exploring the nearby village and Beauxbatons itself.  Something this school has helped me to do was develop leadership abilities I was completely unaware of having.  I thought I was a follower but boy was I ever wrong.  Never assume that your childhood defines who you will become because you could find out you were wrong too.  

This letter may, so far, be full of the good things of life but now comes the bad.  Be careful not to ruin the relationships in your family.  I did that and lost a sister I thought I hadn't really cared about. She'll never read this letter because she transferred to Durmstrang and I can't help feeling it was all my fault.  One day I may reconnect with her.  Just be careful not to reach that point in your own family relationships. I do wonder though about that other relationship previously not mentioned. How long does the relationship with the person you dated at school last? I'm probably going to find out and that is scarier than just merely graduating.

Now we come to the end of the letter and I am coming to the point where I can finally hand in this prefect badge.  Some of the good stuff of this school I have to say goodbye too.  The bad stuff like having to report fellow students I say good riddance.  Goodbye and farewell on the outside,

Linette Puchard
now former leader of the Student Organised Press, quidditch announcer, reluctant prefect & annoyer of Osmund Hollow.


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