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Famous Last Words

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Famous Last Words

Post by Osmund Hollow on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:47 pm

Dear reader,

Graduation is inevitable and coming fast and all I can do is stand and watch as it comes closer and closer. I never thought it would say it, but I'm not ready to graduate. In the years prior, I thought my journey would end on a high note; my father would be proud of my high grades, I could count on a job in the ministry, I would feel secure. Well reader, I do not feel secure. My father will no longer talk to me and I will be flat out broke as soon as I reach adult hood. Thus the woes of dreaming big only to find all of them crashing down before you in your final year of school.

It stands to reason that it does not get better. It gets worse, then maybe you feel a bit better for some period of time only before things get even worse and then you graduate and you're thrown out into the world with a pat on your head and are told to not fail. Do not fail, but you can't succeed either, because life is not kind. The world doesn't care about your individual survival, but rejoice! No one dies a virgin because we are all fucked by life. Shit happens, that's what I know by now. I only wish I knew how to deal with it.

My tips for you, dear reader, which are written more on the chance that if I were to ever do it over again, i would've liked to have heard these words than for you particularly are as follows:

Don't piss off the announcer. She's the spawn of darkness and will date your best friend, after she shreds your ego apart by embarrassing you every game. Then she'll compliment you at the end. I never understood that part myself.

Don't practice kissing with your best mate because even though you think it'll be fun and not awkward since they're your friend, you'll probably end up falling for them.

Smile, because if you don't, people will make a big deal about it when you do, which is annoying as hell. Also, you might get called a vampire if you don't prove you're not hiding fangs.

Find a way to relieve stress, or else your stress will take you out. I, myself, prefer kissing people but after certain events, I found I no longer had anyone to kiss. Then I turned to quidditch. Knocking some bludgers around is always fun and you get cheered to hit people if you are a beater. Poetry is more private. Music is more vocal. You just need to choose your own method, which probably sounds crazy coming from someone as messed up as me.

Good luck, dear reader, you'll need it.

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