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The Farewell Letters

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The Farewell Letters

Post by Minister Asgard on Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:08 am

In this circular room fill with dust and cobwebs there are some dimly lit lanterns but the bulk of the light in the room is from the fireplace that stay lit all the time. When one takes a closer look they find that there are not logs that fuel it but instead many folded pieces of parchment that never seem harmed by the flames. One can simply reach right into the fireplace and pluck out a piece of parchment without getting burned. If they unfold it they would find a letter written to no one in particular signed by a past seventh year student. If one spent the time to read more than one of these they would find them filled with many things ranging from, advice to younger students, to goodbyes to the school or other people who used to attend Beauxbatons, and even letters saying goodbye and good riddance to the palace and its professors and students. Soon to be graduates have been adding their letters to the fire for years but anyone not in their seventh year will find their letters immediately turn to ash in the fireplace. This has come to be known as the Farewell Fire.

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