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See you next year!

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See you next year! Empty See you next year!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:34 pm

Katie felt suffocated in her mother's grip. Flailing her arms out she hoped that her dad would come and rescue her from the death hug. But all she could hear was the annoying laugh of her little sister. Finally breaking away from her mother's grip, she took in a few deep breaths and glared at her sister, "You could have helped me Maddy!" She hissed to her little sister, who just giggled and ran off to her mother's side.

Turning around and seeing her father, Katie smiled and gave him a hug, "I'll miss you Dad," She whispered, hugging him tighter and hearing him laugh she burrowed her head into his shoulder. breaking away from yet another hug, she grabbed onto her case and smiled.

"See you next year!" Katie shouted out as she ran towards the Carriage, giving one last look behind her to her family.


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