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Get Me Out Of Here

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:11 pm

Divination was not a class Marie-Laure would have enrolled in if she'd known what it'd really be like.  She simply chose the subject because she was curious enough to see if that sort of thing was as real as witches and magic.  Listening to the opinions of older students was enough for her.  She needed to see and experience for herself.  

After only one year in the course and she considered dropping the subject.  One problem.  Marie-Laure did not consider herself a quitter.  Thus she was prepared to suffer a professor who spoke in riddles and a subject which was no real magic at all for a couple of years longer.  After that there would be no shame in dropping it.  With the sorts of marks she'd already received for this subject she wouldn't have much choice anyway.  Marie-Laure was too honest to make up what she saw in the tea leaves or whatever else Professor Lemiux gave them to divine.

The crystal ball she was staring into right at this moment was not going to be any better.  She looked across at her divination partner.  "All I can see is dark cloudiness and my distorted reflection," she remarked and scribbled her observations on the parchment.  "Can you see anything other than yourself?"  If they claimed they did Marie-Laure wouldn't believe it but had to ask.


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