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Hidden Gold

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Hidden Gold

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:11 am

Katie dug into her pocket and frowned when she found that she only had a little bit of money left. She was sure that she had some more. Shrugging to herself, she pushed open the door the bank and strolled inside. Shivering at the goblins stares as she walked in, she continued on to the front desk.

Without waiting for the Goblin there to say anything, she put an old brass key on the desk like she had seen her mother do so many times before, nodding as the Goblin's spoke to her, not really listening as she look in the smaller details of the bank, with its columns and pillars reaching up to the ceiling which was painted in a shade of pale cream. Her own face paling as she reached a cart, Katie, carefully stepped into it, and shut her eyes tight as they began their journey to her vault.

Sometime later she stepped off from the cart, her head whizzing around, she never did like those rides. Hearing the coins in her pockets ring as they clashed together, she stepped out of the bank and into the sunlight of the Alley.


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