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Fly Awhile

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Fly Awhile

Post by Linette Puchard on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:05 pm

Linette may not be a player but she did own a broom. It was second hand but it was good enough for flying around the pitch at her own leisure. If it hadn't been for her brother she wouldn't have even had that. The competition between them had been fierce and she'd been determined to be able to fly. Maybe not as well as him but at least well enough that he'd shut up about it. Of course he could still boast about having been on his Quidditch team but Linette didn't care about that. She loved announcing so much more than playing.

She was a little disappointed to not see either of the Quidditch teams practising on the pitch. Only a little since their absence meant she could fly and not be told to get lost (Osmund) or politely asked to leave (Christian). Linette could fly at will and just think upon the year which would soon be at an end and the one to come. Her final year. Benoit had graduated from Durmstrang at the end of the previous year and it would be her turn next though from Beauxbatons instead. It was amusing for her to think she would be the only one of the three Puchard children to graduate from the same school their parents had attended. Yet it was also disturbing but Linette felt responsible for the fact that Louise hadn't stayed at Beauxbatons.

That was the problem with flying on her own. All the disturbing thoughts and the guilt she'd tried to keep at bay came back in a flood. Linette looked around for a distraction. Anything to keep her from thinking about things she didn't want to face before going home for the summer. Then she thought she found it. "Oi you," she called out to the other person who was now up in the air. "How about a flying race?"


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