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Broken Again

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Broken Again

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:10 pm

Charon sighed, flipping through Quidditch Through the Ages for about the nine thousandth time in the past couple days to page twenty three. According to Zacharias Mumps, the Keeper should be first to reach the goal posts for it is his/her job to prevent the quaffle from entering therein. The Keeper should beware of straying too far towards the other end of the pitch, in case the posts come under threat in his absence. However, a fast Keeper may be able to score a goal and then return to his baskets in time to prevent the other team from equalising. It is a matter for the individual conscience of the Keeper. There, plain for anyone to see, his goal was valid in the rules of the sport, he looked up at the sound of someone entering the infirmary. "Hey, Paige."


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