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Feel The Sunshine

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Feel The Sunshine

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:56 am

Katie jumped as a car flew past her, shaking her head and smiling as she came up to Le Petit Dragon, she almost started jumping in excitement. Though she had already been a few times to it, this was the first time that her parents, especially her mother and trusted her to go alone. After all, it wasn't too far from home... She could be trusted, right?

Pushing open the door and entering the pub, as she would call it in Kent, her eyes dashed around the busy space. She could take a small stop here. Ordering a Butterbeer and giving the money to the bar person, she muttered a quick thank you in French and sat at an empty table.

Hearing the chair across from her being pulled out, she looked up and flashed a quick, small smile, "Hello," She said, while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she folded her arms on the tables and looked at the freckles which dashed across them, she really wasn't good at meeting new people.

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Re: Feel The Sunshine

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:25 pm

It was strange, she had absolutely no idea where or what was really going on. Avoiding the fact that she had not been listening to her older sisters when they seemed to 'try' and explain even though Teddy knew they did not really have much knowledge in the who wizarding world. Which apparently Teddy was part of now. Running a hand through her dark hair as she wandered into the pub, her big innocent eyes jolting around all over the place as she wandered in and took a seat. Watching her oldest sister go ahead to get some shopping in she tapped her fingers along the wood of the table.

She found it all very strange as she looked to the other people's clothing in the pub and of course it made her chuckle to herself as she looked down to her very worn deep red trainers and her denim dungarees with her red shirt underneath. Looking upwards to a voice she smiled to the girl who was opposite her. "Hi" she responded "Do you not find there clothes weird?" she asked pointing to some people.


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