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Don't Forget to Breath

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Don't Forget to Breath

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:51 pm

Flying on a broomstick was a foreign concept to Stephanie Henrau. For her it was the stuff of scary stories told in the darkness of the night to scare younger children. Old witches with warts and all dressed in black. Now she was still adjusting to the changes in her thinking. She was a witch and nothing like the stories. Vampire were real and the lockdown in a palace in which a vampire was roaming had scared her half to death.

Now the first years were finally having flying lessons which had been halted due to the vampire scare. She looked at the broom lying on the ground looking as harmless as any other broom in the world. For her though it was like looking at a snake. The Professor expected her to be able to fly on that? She may have attended her very first Quidditch game but Stephanie still found it hard to believe that at some point she too would be expected to be able to fly.

She continued to stare at the broom long after they were instructed to command their broom jump up into their hands. Stephanie had remained mute unable to get one little word out of her mouth. She glanced up to see where the professor was looking and noticed just how close she was. That settled it. Stephanie was going to have to make some effort or she would draw attention to herself. She held out her hand over the broom and said in a very shaky squeaky voice, "up." The broom didn't do a thing. It just stayed there on the ground and Stephanie lowered her hand again. She glanced at the girl next to her to see if she'd achieved what looked like the impossible.


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