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Gold Standard

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Gold Standard

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:55 pm

First stop for this young boy was the bank. Having spent the spare change he had at the pub he had no other option but to some here first. He walked through the large marble front doors nervously running through what his mother had told him on the way here. He paused just inside the door and started rifling through his pockets for the tiny gold key he was given a few hours ago. 'What number was their vault again? Who was he supposed to talk to about getting in the vault? Would they let an eleven year old in there by himself? Do goblins hate little kids?' Were just few questions running through his mind as he walked towards the front desk.

It was so quiet in the bank that Stark could hear the soles of his shoes hitting the floor with every step. Some of the goblins that didn't have anyone at their desks looked up at him with a look like made him want to cower. It was obvious to everyone that he didn't belong here and he knew they were all thinking it. He fidgeted with the key in his now sweaty hands as he slowly walked through the long hall. He fidgeted too much and ended up dropping the tiny piece of gold on the marble floor. Being small he thought it wouldn't make much noise, but in his nervous mind it made shattering sound.


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Re: Gold Standard

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:34 pm

One thing became apparent to Frankie quickly and as soon as she had entered the pub; wizard money and muggle money were not two of the same. She was lucky that the worker at the pub was kind enough to accept her muggle money, despite it being of little worth in the wizarding world. She was highly advised to pay a visit to the bank and have her money exchanged before carrying on school shopping.

She fingered the change and bills she had in her pocket as she entered the intimidatingly sized bank, walking towards a desk where she figured she could get some help. Much to her surprise, there were no wizards or witches working the bank. Instead there were short standing and shriveled-faced little men that stared down upon her from their high seats as if they didn't trust her. She stared back, mostly out of curiosity, she hadn't a clue what they were, and thus almost ran straight into a boy. She stopped in time, though, and noticed he had dropped a key. Leaning down, she picked it up before he could and admired it.

"How intricate. It's like a key to a pirate's chest or a door to an ancient mansion," she noted, before handing the small golden key over. "What's it for? Decoration?" She questioned. Or did all wizards have a sense of style that belonged in a century different from their own. That would explain why it seemed that all people wrote with authentic quills and ink instead of a ballpoint pen.


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