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Creepy Goblins

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Creepy Goblins

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:41 pm

Stephanie timidly moved her way down Amethyst Alley toward the Banque de L'or where she was told she would need to exchange her money. Why did her father insist she did this on her own? He never made her go to the bank on her own back home. Why should this be any different. She wrung her hands at all the puzzling thoughts and questions. At one point she thought she might have to ask a question but soon enough the building she needed showed itself.

With relief mixed with trepidation she entered the building and stopped short at the mix of humans and goblins. Where did she look and where was she supposed to go? Stephanie jumped as a hand touched her shoulder and a kindly woman pointed her to a desk where a goblin was waiting to exchange her money. She stood there on the other side of the counter as she watched the goblin count out the odd looking coins and handed them over to her in a pouch.

With the much heavier money now safely in her pocket Stephanie darted back out the bank as quickly as she could. One whole year before she would have to go back in that creepy place again.


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